Jean, Halsey, Amanda and Ashley
Photos by Tim Korson


Amanda reaching for a sting ray Halsey and the butterfly Halsey and the shark Jean and Halsey Jean and Halsey learning
Amanda reaching for a sting ray.jpg      
Halsey and the butterfly.jpg      
Halsey and the shark.jpg      
Jean and Halsey.jpg      
Jean and Halsey learning.jpg      
admiring the sharks amanda in the tank ashley readying to touch a shark butterfly conservation dragon
admiring the sharks.jpg      
amanda in the tank.jpg      
ashley readying to touch a shark.jpg      
butterfly conservation.jpg      
dragon2 halsey and butterfly 2 halsey and the butterfly 3 hand and butterfly its so soft
halsey and butterfly 2.jpg      
halsey and the butterfly 3.jpg      
hand and butterfly.jpg      
its so soft.jpg